Careers @ CastorDoc
Careers @ CastorDoc

Careers @ CastorDoc


Who are we?

Data experts on a mission to democratize data

CastorDoc is the ultimate tool to maintain knowledge around data within a company. It automates, crowdsources, and prioritizes data documentation. Our product is collaborative and accessible to everyone, from domain experts to data professionals. By doing so, we enable every employee to find, understand, and trust data assets.

Created in 2020, by four data lovers who all experienced firsthand the pain of exploring data, CastorDoc is already running in leading unicorns such as Canva, Deliveroo, BackMarket, Gorgias, RentTheRunway, ManoMano, or Sendinblue.

We have a bold vision to improve our product. To support it, we raised a $23m Series A round from Blossom, Frst and accomplished Business Angels (founders of Dataiku, Zenly, Vestiaire Collective, etc).


Our Vision and Product

Help people with data. Improve the data experience.


OUR VISION In the last decade, most of the innovations in the data ecosystem were focused on producing more data. It worked. And It created chaos. People cannot catch up with all the data produced. The next decade's challenge is to improve the data experience. How? ๐ŸŽฏย  Discovery: We empower people to find & understand their data assets

๐Ÿ‘ชย  Community: We empower people to build a collaborative data culture

๐Ÿ’Šย  Health: We empower people to improve their data environmentโ€™s health


Why CastorDoc?

5 reasons why you should join us

You will work with talented coworkers who've built valuable enterprises and killer technical products before at Fivetran, Looker, Collibra, Qonto, Payfit, etc.
You will build a category-defining product. Notion redefined knowledge management. Slack redefined communication in teams. Castor redefines knowledge management for data.
You will have the flexibility to work hard and live your best life. Our team members hike, paint, surf, and raise children, but we also execute incredibly fast.
You will tackle interesting technical and go-to-market challenges that keep you sharp and on your toes.
We are backed by the best. Our investors have backed some of the best European companies Moonpay, Pigment,, etc.


Open Positions

CastorDoc Tech Team is based in Paris, Sales and Marketing are in the US

We move fast. We are always looking for world-class profiles to join our team. We are sure you are one of them. So whatever is written in the job descriptions below, if you want to work with us, contact us! Here's my email:

Tech (Paris - Remote)

Product (Paris - Remote)


Our Team

A world-class group of experts in their fields


Tristan & Xavier, former data scientists, built the first version of CastorDoc to solve their own data discovery problem. It was a real pain to find & understand data at the beginning of a data project. They realized this was a shared problem for French scale-ups & started selling it to Vestiaire Collective, ManoMano, etc. In the process, they tried to sell the product to Arnaud (Head of Data at Payfit) & Amaury (Head of Data at Qonto). They didnโ€™t buy, because they decided to quit their jobs & join the company instead. Arnaud, CPO, developed the internal data discovery solution at Criteo. Amaury, CTO, scaled twice an engineering team at Withings and Qonto. Since then they've managed to recruit a stellar worldwide team of passionate engineers, designers, sales, and marketers.

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CastorDoc team PUBLIC

Work hard, play hard

We value spending quality time outside of work as well. While the flexibility of remote work is fantastic, we know that it could also get lonely and frustrating at times. This is why we like to make things a bit more interesting.

We are here on an adventure. We have fun along the way and spend quality time outside of work: lunches, drinks, after-works, off-sites...



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