Unsupervised Leaders - Join us
Unsupervised Leaders - Join us

Unsupervised Leaders - Join us

Welcome to Unsupervised Leaders. With this community, we sought to assemble people with the same aspirations, challenges, questions, and solutions. As such, Unsupervised Leaders brings together data and analytics leaders who have contributed to the building of a data infrastructure, a data team, or a data strategy in companies ranging from 150-2000 employees.

This community is special because all the members, without exceptions, are :

  • VPs, Directors, Managers of data teams
  • From companies ranging from 150 to 2000 employees
  • Eager to share and learn all things data

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Our mission

Create a safe space for data leaders

This community is a space where data leaders can exchange about best practices in analytics teams. The data practice is moving so fast, with new jobs and new challenges emerging every day. Without mentioning the plethora of tools to choose from. It's hard to keep up, and the expectations for the data team are so high that you simply can't go wrong. Learning from one another will better inform decision-making in our data teams, ultimately leading to increased value creation.

We want this community to be alive, and lead to many encounters, may they be physical or remote.

For this reason, we organize:

Weekly subjects to debate, allowing members to share quality content when possible.
Physical meet-ups where the sanitary measures allow it and random coffees between members.
Webinars on key topics, where members can get better informed about best practices and tools.
A space of mutual support. In this space, members can exchange about issues they're facing.


What do we talk about?

Our top discussion topics

Storage & Transformation Data Warehouse Data Lake ETL / Reverse ETL DBT

Data Strategy Recruiting Modern Data Stack Data Events Career Advice

Analytics & Data Science Business Intelligence Feature Store ML Data Discovery

Governance Data Catalog Data Quality Monitoring Data Privacy GDPR/HIPAA

We will start opening this network to a small group of experts with the purpose of enriching the community with quality content. It will later be opened to a larger audience.


Our rules

To ensure the smooth running of operations

Be respectful. Everyone's experience should be gratifying and positive.
Keep it in public channels. Unless you have the formal permission to do so, do not contact other members privately to solicit help, sell a product, or recruit for a role. We value the time of our community members, and won't tolerate members abusing access to experienced professionals.
Introduce yourself. Upon joining the community, outline your current challenges, and how you can contribute to the community. Ensure your first name, last name and company name are visible in the description.
Use threads. The best way to ensure conversation coherence is to use threads, they help us manage the variety of conversations.
No vendors. This is not a marketing platform where you can reach out to clients. Vendors can participate to the discussion, but self-promotion will not be tolerated.

Thank you for reading, we can't wait to build a community with you.

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The Community Moderators


Xavier de Boisredon Linkedin

Louise de Leyritz Linkedin