20/04 - Data analytics in the Age of Privacy

20/04 - Data analytics in the Age of Privacy

Today, data privacy, security, and governance are major concerns, propelled by the rising governmental regulations. More than a hundred countries have various data privacy laws , the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) being among the most prominent of them.

The Challenges of Regulation-Compliant AI

In this environment, AI developers and data scientists working with user data are facing several challenges:

  • Making data both protected and accessible (when lawful disclosure is required)
  • Creating ways of data sharing and processing that preserve privacy
  • Learning to work with limited data, where its usage is restricted or regulated by law
  • Maintaining enough flexibility and interpretability to provide sufficient transparency of processes
  • For projects intended for multiple countries: providing compliance with varying regional laws regarding data privacy and security

This discussion aims at providing helpful guidelines to navigate and leverage data efficiently in this heavily regulated ecosystem.

SPEAKERS Meera Butler - Director of Analytics @Vorys. Marco Szeidenleder - Managing partner @Pandata.
WHEN & WHERE Wednesday, April 20th 6:30PM CET - Online 💻